Ruling Planet of Cancer

Find out how the ruling planet of Cancer affects the behavior of its people.

Cancer Ruling Planet

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd) is governed by Moon. Moon gives Cancerians the feeling of emotional nurturing and provides them with the unique sensitivity of mind. They are very patient, kind and good listeners. One of the major qualities they possess is their love towards their family and friends which makes them very defensive about their loved ones. Although they appear to be rude and grumpy from the outside, but they are really very soft from the inside. They are very determined about their goals and in order to complete them, they use an indirect approach just as their astrological symbol Crab does. They are always in the need of support and love from others. They are very loyal, passionate and possessive, which makes them good life partners. However, their possessiveness turns into jealousy, which could be detrimental for any relationship.